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When it comes to professional cleaning and janitorial services in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens. The Bronx and Long Island, Royally Clean is the trusted contractor.

Whether you require carpet/rug cleaning, flooring, tile and grout, upholstery, air duct cleaning, windows, post construction cleaning or other janitorial services, Royally Clean has all your cleaning needs covered.

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  • Over 15 Years of Experience
  • Fully Licensed Cleaning Contractor
  • Specializes in High Quality Carpet/Rug Cleaning & Other Janitorial Services
  • Team of Professional & Highly Experienced Carpet/Rug Cleaners & Janitorial Experts
  • High Quality & Safe Cleaning Products
  • Advance Techniques
  • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction
  • Specialty Services
  • Attention To Detail
  • Affordable Prices
  • Serves Residential & Commercial Clients in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island & Surrounding Areas

With over fifteen years of experience in cleaning and janitorial industry, Royally Clean has the experience and skills needed to help create a combination of services in maintaining your residential and commercial property in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island.

Our cleaning and janitorial experts bring many years of experience to each project we undertake. We are fully licensed to provide our services to both residential and commercial clients within the five boroughs of NYC.

We get down to the nitty gritty. Our services include specialist carpet/rug cleaning, floor cleaning and waxing, vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, mopping, kitchen, bathroom cleaning. In addition, we also offer move in and move out cleaning, janitorial building maintenance services and much more. All our services are customized based on your wants and needs. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction through our high quality carpet/rug cleaning and janitorial, attention to detail and low prices.

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Cleaning Tips

To maintain a healthy indoor environment, it is important that you keep your entrance rugs and carpets clean. Your facility also needs a regular air duct cleaning every 3 to 5 years. When to use a string VS flat mop. Drying is an important, but often overlooked, part of the carpet and rug cleaning process. Upholstery filling loses its ability to bounce back if not plumped up regularly.

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Our team of carpet/rug cleaning and janitorial experts at Royally Clean is pleased to provide assistance in any way that we possibly can. Call us today and discover why we have been happily serving many satisfied residential and commercial clients in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, Queens The Bronx and surrounding areas.

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